Site Access required for a Backyard Cabana

Site Access required for a Backyard Cabana

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Have you ever wondered: “How much site access is required for a Cabana?”

We are often asked by clients, particularly here in Sydney, whether a Melwood Cabana can be set up on a property with limited site access. The good news is Melwood Cabanas can be delivered and setup on almost any site!

Although our portable structures are 90% premanufactured we are able to section them in order to accommodate very difficult sites.

This means that it can be reduced down to premanufactured sections, carried by one or two of Melwood’s qualified install team, can easily be walked along narrow alleyways, through garden gates, beside terrace homes or down sets of stairs.

For properties within Sydney Metro, we can send one of our Site Estimators to assess the site with you before you order. This will allow us to confirm that site access is possible, and assist you in choosing the right cabana for your property.

Do you need a Backyard Cabana for your property? Contact us to find out more, or download pricing to get started.


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