a new home office could reduce your tax bill, thanks to a Small Business Incentive from the Australian Government!

Save Tax with a backyard Home Office! [Deadline: June 30, 2017]

Thinking of working from home? Small business owners or employees now have an even greater incentive to work from home; it could reduce your tax bill! The Australian Government has a Small Business Incentive that allows small businesses to claim work-related asset expenses off their tax. Mark Chapman, tax communications director with tax accountants H&R Block,… Click here to read on

Jan & Andrew's Melwood Cabana serves two purposes: a studio for Jan, and a workshop for Andrew.

Jan & Andrew’s his & hers backyard studio

Jan & Andrew’s Melwood Cabana serves two purposes: a studio for Jan, and a workshop for Andrew. By requesting an internal wall in their Cabana, they were able to divide the cabana into the two main areas. Jan’s area has been lined, painted and decorated to create a cozy, comfortable studio space. Andrew has added shelving, storage cupboards, drawers, a pegboard and a sturdy workbench to his workshop.

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Site Access required for a Backyard Cabana

Melwood Cabanas can be delivered and setup on almost any site!

The modular building system designed and used by Melwood means that the Cabana is carried onto your property in relatively small sections, and then assembled onsite.

Bernie's Rural Art Retreat

Bertie’s Rural Art Retreat

Dutch artist Bertie paints beautiful portraiture in her Melwood Art Studio in rural NSW. Bertie says “I love the fact that there was an empty space in the morning and then there was the fully erected cabin in the afternoon. I just wished Patrick was as quick in lining it but he has done a beautiful job. It gives me inspiration.”

Home Gym

How to set up a Home Gym

Ready to smash your fitness goals for 2017? Ready to workout at a time and pace that suits you? The convenience of home workouts has meant home gyms are becoming more and more popular. Here’s how to set up a home gym, step by step. 1. Define your ‘gym space’ It’s essential that your ‘home gym’ is… Click here to read on

Cabana Photos of the Year: 2016

2016! What a year! Here’s our pick of the backyards of 2016! With inspiration like this, how will you improve your backyard this year? Pool Parties on demand At 5.3m wide and 3.2m deep, this funky pool Cabana has plenty of space for entertaining friends! Add a bar, fridges, shelves and a changing room and there’s… Click here to read on


Helen’s Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape

Helen’s Beautiful Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape Noisy kids? Snoring husband? Barking dogs? I think its time for some well invested recreational space; to get away and take a break. Helen recently purchased a Melwood Cabana to create an enjoyable space for escaping the house and having some all important ‘me’ time. After the Cabana was delivered and… Click here to read on

10 Things you Should be storing in your Backyard

10 Things you should be Storing in your Backyard

Do you ever look at something and wonder where on earth you’re going to store it? Does your house seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year? Here are 10 things you should be storing in your backyard, to save space in your house! 1. Bulky Pool Equipment & Toys Pool pumps, chlorine, flippers,… Click here to read on


3 Amazing Apps for Successful Christmas Entertaining

We all know the festive season can get a little overwhelming! Between organising parties, running errands, selecting/wrapping gifts, setting up decorations and managing your most expensive period of the year, there’s alot to think about! We’ve wrapped up our 3 most useful apps to help you survive the silly season and earn the title of Hostess with the Mostess! Here’s our… Click here to read on


Penny’s Sophisticated Storage Room

Have you ever wondered where to store your surfboard / pool equipment / hiking gear / sewing machine / hula hoops / anything else taking up valuable space…? I have the answer for you! In your backyard! Your goods will be safe, secure and protected from the elements, AND within reach when you need them!… Click here to read on