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3 great reasons to consider a Teenage Retreat

3 great reasons to consider a Teenage Retreat

teenage retreat study room

As kids grow, the family home can feel more and more crowded.

Designed to give teens the space they need, whilst keeping them nearby, a teenage retreat is a popular solution that makes the adolescence rollercoaster easier for everyone involved.

Here are 3 top reasons why teenage retreats work so well;

1. Noise buffer

As teens get older, they tend to get noisier. Parties, get-togethers and even recreation usually involve a large amount of noise and mess. 

With the teenage retreat located in the backyard, teens can enjoy their favourite movies or shows or games as loud as they like, without disturbing the rest of the house. 


A cozy, relaxing outdoor space with a TV is the ultimate teen retreat

2. Study space

Perhaps one of the most stressful periods in a young adults life, the HSC (final school exams in NSW) represents a very condensed period of cramming, note-taking and worrying, as teens prepare to endure multiple 2-3hr exams which will determine their ATAR and, ultimately, their career. 

No matter how ‘anti-study’ teens may appear to be, the relief that comes from concentrating on soaking up as much of those study notes as possible is undeniable. 

If your child is blessed with siblings, they will probably be longing for their own quiet space where they can escape to focus on their work. 

teenage retreat study room

The luxury of a dedicated study space, without interruptions, is one of the greatest advantages you can give your teen.


3. Trust & Responsibility 

Giving a teen their own retreat indicates that you trust them enough to have their own space and take care of it too.

By giving your teen this trust, and making them responsible for maintaining the space, you are telling them that you trust them, and from that trust stems independance and maturity; key factors that will set them up for adulthood.

Invest in a teenage retreat that will improve your property’s value.

Adding a teenage retreat to your backyard is not hard.

In fact, our customers tell us we make it fast & easy! 

All it takes is 5 easy steps. We’ll walk you through the process.


Click here to download the pricelist and get your project started!

5 easy steps

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