Helen’s Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape

Helen’s Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape


Helen’s Beautiful Hampton’s Style Backyard Escape


Noisy kids? Snoring husband? Barking dogs? I think its time for some well invested recreational space; to get away and take a break.

Helen recently purchased a Melwood Cabana/Cubby House to create an enjoyable space for escaping the house and having some all important ‘me’ time.


Helen’s relaxing backyard escape

After the Cabana/Cubby House was delivered and setup (in one day!) by the Melwood team, Helen then arranged gyprock, flooring and painting to finish her beautiful space.

We love the stylish furnishings & decor she has used to complete the look!

Helen says:

“My Cabana was going to be the Kids retreat but I love it so much it is going to be my retreat! My Beach House without the Beach!
I have recommended it to everyone I speak to.”

Stylish furnishings and accessories make Helen’s Cabana seem like a holiday resort – right in the comfort of her own backyard!

Helen’s Cabana has given her more than just a backyard escape – it’s added another 20m2 of extra space to her home!


6.3m wide. Plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy!

Helen’s tranquil backyard escape Cabana is the Melwood Design No.20 (6.3m x 3.2m + 1.3m verandah) and she chose to add colonial doors, fixed glass panels and double-hung white windows.

You can get your own customizable Backyard Cabana, Cubby House or Garden Shed in just a few easy steps- click here to download pricing and get your project started

How will you use your backyard cabana?


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