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Jenny’s Pottery Shed

Jenny’s Pottery Shed

Turning a Passion into a Profession and a Hobby Dream into Reality with a Melwood Pottery Cabana

Melwood Cabanas & Garden Rooms have been instrumental in helping people to create a more extraordinary life for themselves. We are very lucky at Melwood to become a part of people’s lives by assisting them to make their dreams true. Take for example a customer where we helped bring her passion for pottery into simple reality.

Jenny worked full time for over 40 years in an industry which she enjoyed, however this was not her passion. Whilst working her full time job she would indulge her free time in her true passion of pottery. Her existing backyard pottery shed was small and it did not have power nor water running to it. Therefore it limited the amount of hours she was able to do her pottery. The weather also prohibited her time in her tiny shed. For over 20 years she dreamt about one day having one big enough to accommodate all her needs. Jenny tells us that although she looked into putting a bigger pottery shed in her backyard over 20 years ago, she believed it would cost her double what she could afford. Due to the expense she thought that she would never be able to fulfil her dream. It was only after discovering Melwood Cabanas, Sheds and Garden Rooms that she realised having a proper Pottery Shed was more than just a dream. It could be easily achieved and well within her budget.

“I have waited 20 years for this”

Within a few weeks of discovering Melwood, Jenny had her pottery shed delivered and was able to start fulfilling her dream!

“My experience with Melwood was great. From the time I went out there (the display centre) and was shown everything I could do. I thought that this was amazing”

With having had the suggestion of a skylight in the roof of her shed she now has ample light to showcase her pieces of art. Her built in bench has also helped in creating her perfect hobby space. Her cabana has not only served the purpose to begin her journey to becoming a full time artist. She also enjoys social occasions where her friends come over to her house to have a pottery making session and finish it off with a glass of wine on the porch of her cabana.

Jenny has now been able to retire from her full time job to pursue her creative passion. She has been accepted into a couple of exhibitions already to display her work and is looking to study Bachelor of Fine arts next year. She has plans to teach children pottery and finishing her Advanced Diploma in Ceramics. She is extremely happy with her own Melwood pottery shed and loves the fact that she can now focus on her life long dream. Jenny has been able to turn her hobby into a profession… her lifelong dream into reality.

Would you like to pursue you dream of owning your own pottery shed? Don’t wait 20 years, visit one of our display centres today!

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